A New Form of Health Communication: Plain Language Summaries of Publications

Written by Kim Edwards | kedwards@ciscrp.org

New to CISCRP’s service offerings is the development of Plain Language Summaries of Publicationsalso called PLSPs. Using the same best practices that we apply to trial results summaries, we translate an original scientific article into easy-to-understand language and graphics. Together with Oxford PharmaGenesisa global provider ofmedical,regulatory,andscientific writing, we are excited to be involved in the creation of several PLSPs. These PLSPs may be a resource for patients and the public, patient advocacy groups, and non-specialist clinicians with little time. 

Each PLSP that CISCRP creates is reviewed by an editorial panel made up of patients, professionals, patient advocates, and members of the public. These volunteers provide valuable feedback to help us make sure that the PLSP is educational, clear, and complete. 

PLSPs can be published as standalone articles or alongside the original scientific article. They can be provided through a sponsor’s website, patient advocacy websites, direct mail campaigns, and webinars. While PLSPs are a new and developing form of health communication, CISCRP’s established skillset allows us to meet the increasing demand for PLSPs. Amedia and public attention around medical research and clinical trials continues to growthe value of PLSPs is clearNow more than ever, it is important that everyone has access to easy-to-understand scientific and medical information. 

We invite you to read this PLSP we createdIt was recently published in Future Oncology and translates results of the ARAMIS trial originally published in the New England Journal of Medicine. 


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