Our Key Initiatives


Founded in 2003, the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is an independent, Boston-based, globally focused nonprofit organization. Our portfolio of educational initiatives includes:




Over 429,000 households reached by AWARE For All Educational Outreach programs.

Educational Materials

Over 1,000,000 copies of educational materials distributed by investigative sites, sponsors, and CROs.


120,000,000 impressions generated quarterly with Medical Heroes campaign.


5,000 unique searches annually to help patients and members of the public find relevant clinical trials.


  • AWARE for All events — our Clinical Research Education programs—are designed to educate and empower the public about clinical research participation through interactive health exhibits and presentations. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions, hear from local physicians and patients about their experience with clinical trials, and receive free health screenings. Between 2003 and 2013, these live and online programs have reached 429,000 households in cities across the United States.
  • Communicating Trial Results — one of our most active and fastest growing programs—provides non-technical, lay-language clinical trial results to study volunteers. CISCRP is now collaborating with more than a dozen major pharmaceutical companies on this initiative to show trial participants that they are appreciated and valued in the research process.
  • Educational Tools — books, videos, and brochures cover a wide range of topics for research participants, in culturally sensitive 6th to 8th grade reading level language, and are translated into two dozen languages. Since 2004, investigative sites, sponsors, and CROs have distributed nearly one million copies.
  • Medical Heroes — our public service campaign—portrays medical heroes in everyday situations to illustrate the point that the brave individuals who give the gift of participation are all around us. Our Medical Heroes communications generate over 120 million impressions quarterly.
  • Research on public and patient perspectives, behaviors, and experiences. CISCRP regularly conducts studies that provide valuable and substantive insights into actionable ways that clinical research professionals can better understand, and more effectively engage with, the public and study volunteers.
  • Search Clinical Trials — a “high-touch” service designed to manually search for relevant clinical trials on behalf of patients, family, and friends overwhelmed by the online search process. CISCRP performs searches for nearly 5,000 unique requests annually.

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