AWARE for All Fall Updates

Written by: Hope Ventricelli |

At the beginning of 2020, the CISCRP Events team had their work cut out. We had to adapt our live educational event (AWARE for All) model to a completely virtual program while remaining accessible to the patient and public communities. And, we had to do so while affording CISCRP the opportunity to engage the public in a new and meaningful way.

AWARE for All-Southwest will be a live webinar stream via the virtual platform on October 21. With it, we aim to continue spreading awareness about the essential role that trial participants play in clinical research and how the research community can engage them as partners in the clinical research process.

Unlike our previous AWARE webinars, AWARE for All-Southwest will be condensed to just one hour and focus heavily on the panel discussion—a favorite segment among audience members. This discussion between trial participants, researchers, and industry stakeholders will give attendees a well-rounded view of the clinical trials process from varying perspectives.

Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of all the AWARE For All events. The importance of representation in healthcare is pivotal to comprehensive treatments, and the need is often misunderstood by the public.

“People can experience differences in response to a treatment as well as different side effects,” explains Dr. Lok, who participated in the recent Midwest panel. “This is why clinical trials need people from all communities representing all stages of a disease to find an effective treatment.”

As part of these efforts, CISCRP collaborated with trial volunteers and researchers to share their unique experiences with clinical research to help the audience better understand the importance of participation. As Desiree De-Luca-Johnson, a Breast Cancer Trial patient, shared at a recent event, “I felt safer in a clinical trial because I had a better relationship with my research oncologist and oncology nurse in Boston. I was able to feel safe for a year—it gave me some time to breathe and research my options.”

At the end of this summer, the events team was hoping to be in person for the final program of the season. CISCRP selected Atlanta for our first face-to-face event since 2019 due to the robust clinical research community, demographic diversity, and already established connection with the city. However, due to the Delta variant and public safety concerns, we have decided to remain virtual and proceed with an Atlanta-based event. Keeping virtual fatigue in mind we look forward to developing a fresh take on the webinar for  AWARE for All – Atlanta with local involvement and an exciting new agenda.

This flagship CISCRP initiative is a longstanding, internationally recognized program with a goal to address health disparities and low levels of clinical research literacy. Since 2003, CISCRP has been developing elements of the AWARE for All program to keep up with current health concerns and community needs while maintaining the need for diversity in research. Be sure to follow us for the latest updates on both programs and local opportunities to be involved.

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