Eligibility Criteria for Clinical Trials

Are you, or someone you know, considering joining a clinical trial? We developed this infographic to serve as a resource to better understand eligibility criteria for clinical trials.

This infographic was reviewed by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is also known as an independent ethics committee. The IRB ensures the brochure follows ethical guidelines for providing information about clinical research to patients and the public.

Healthcare Provider Best Practices To Improve Experiences for LGBTQ+ Patients

This infographic identifies ways to raise awareness among and better engage the LGBTQ+ community in clinical research and healthcare.

Additional Resources:

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The Facts About COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

Are you still deciding whether to get the COVID-19 Vaccine? To help you make the decision that you believe is best for you, your family, and your community, we made an infographic about the role of clinical trials in the development of the vaccines. 

Relevant resources:

  • A list of resources used to develop the COVID-19 vaccines infographic
  • Recognizing Research Professionals Who Participated in COVID-19 Trials Video
  • CISCRP’s Education Center

If you are interested in licensing this infographic or other CISCRP content for use within your organization or in your public-facing website, please contact at info@ciscrp.org.

Speak Smart About Clinical Trials

If you join a clinical trial, you may want to share the news. But words are powerful, and can impact the study. This interactive infographic shares information and videos about clinical research and how to best communicate about it. Access it here.