CISCRP Establishes Health Communication Services

For the past eight years, CISCRP has been assisting more than several dozen pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in preparing and disseminating plain language clinical trial results summaries. During that period, a growing number of companies, government agencies, institutions, foundations and patient advocacy groups have asked CISCRP to assist them in developing a variety of clinical research and health-related communications in plain language. In recognition of this expanded activity, CISCRP announces that all of its plain language projects and editorial activities will be subsumed under the newly created Health Communication Service department.

CISCRP is well positioned to meet this growing demand given its deep knowledge of the clinical research process and nearly 20 years of experience educating and engaging patients and the public. Global interest and momentum supporting plain language communications has also increased. The European Union Clinical Trials Regulation 536/2014, for example, now encourages sponsors to support lay language communications to ensure that patient and public needs are best met. And the Food and Drug Administration now requires informed consent documents to be written in plain language.

CISCRP’s Health Communications Services team assists organizations with not only plain language clinical trial results summaries but also informed consent documents; risk management communications; marketing and promotional messages; print, digital and web-based content; legal agreements; journal and publication abstracts and manuscript. As part of its plain language development process, all materials are reviewed and edited by the CISCRP team followed by review and modification from an Editorial Panel made up of patients, the lay public and other clinical research and health communication professionals.

We are truly excited about, and grateful for the growing role and impact of our Health Communications Services department. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential project, please contact Jay Matthews at

Written by Jay Matthews, Business Development Executive

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