CISCRP is Expanding its Patient Communication Services

As many of you know, for nearly ten years CISCRP has been helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies translate complex technical clinical trial results summaries into non-technical, easy-to-understand language for patients and the public.  For all trial results summaries, CISCRP turns not only to its extensive plain language writing expertise but also its unique editorial input panel comprised of patients.  

During the past 24 months, CISCRP has seen growing interest in applying its editorial input panel and plain language expertise to other health education and communication areas. CISCRP has been working on numerous “special” projects including the translation of informed consent documents; legal and regulatory documents for patients and their families; website content; abstracts for journal submission; manuscripts; and clinical trial finders among other initiatives.

Many patients and caregivers have told us how much they value and appreciate reading clinical research information prepared by CISCRP.  Plain language health communications give them greater comfort and confidence in understanding their medical condition and how investigational treatments are working, and in making informed decisions about participating in a clinical trial.

If you would like to participate on our editorial input panel, please let us know by calling 617-725-2750 or visiting our web site,

And if you are an organization interested in collaborating with CISCRP to prepare plain language health communication for your patients and their families, please give us a call at 617-725-2750 or email

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