CISCRP Kicks off End of Year Fundraising Campaign to Support Patient Education and Outreach Programs

As a nonprofit organization, CISCRP relies on the support of generous donors to continue our efforts to increase and promote education and awareness about clinical research and clinical trial participation. Nearly 100% of all donations made to CISCRP go towards supporting specific educational and outreach assistance initiatives that are geared directly to patients and their families.

Each fall, CISCRP organizes an End of Year fundraising campaign to collect donations and support for the upcoming year. Every dollar raised during this time is put towards the development of both printed and live educational materials that help inform patients and the public about clinical research. Many individuals and companies choose to include CISCRP in their end of year donation giving to help support this important effort.

With the donations we raise each year, CISCRP reaches over 429,000 households with the AWARE For All Educational Outreach programs, distributes over 1 million copies of Educational Materials through investigative sites, sponsors, and CROs, generates over 120 million impressions with our Medical Heroes Campaign, and conducts over 5,000 unique searches to help patients and members of the public find relevant clinical trials through our free Search Clinical Trials Service.

CISCRP welcomes donations from individuals, companies, and groups. Some people choose to make a personal donation as part of their holiday or end of year giving.  Others make a donation on behalf of their clients or patients.  And some organizations make donations as part of their corporate gift giving or to support matching donations on behalf of their employees.  All donations are tax-deductible and can be submitted online or sent in via mail to the CISCRP office. Donors can choose to make their pledge on behalf of a company or dedicate their donation to honor a specific individual. CISCRP makes a point to recognize and thank our donors and supporters on our Circle of Supporters page.

For certain donation amounts, CISCRP can assist organizations with designing and sending out a customized email to colleagues, clients, or patients to share that a donation was made to CISCRP on their behalf to support clinical research education and awareness.

CISCRP’s End of Year fundraising campaign is very important to help sustain our programs and initiatives.  But there are also other opportunities and ways to support our organization. Individuals and companies can support us by purchasing educational items from CISCRP’s online store. Supporters can also fund the development of new materials to add to the store and education center by reaching out to Rachel Minnick, Senior Manager of Marketing and Patient Engagement Alliances at CISCRP. Individuals can also contribute to CISCRP by shopping online at AmazonSmile. And for those who are interested in making donations to specific programs and events, more information can be found by accessing CISCRP’s sponsorship packet.

To stay up to date about our End of Year campaign as well as other ways that you can support CISCRP, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

By: Leslie Perez


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