CISCRP Licenses Brochures to Ukranian Association for Clinical Research (UACR)

CISCRP recently licensed five brochures for translation into Ukrainian by UACR (Ukrainian Association for Clinical Research) to place on their website as Educational Resources for their members and general public to learn more about clinical research.

Joan Chambers, Senior Director, Marketing and Outreach, explains “CISCRP offers various options to license our educational clinical research content. Dr. Nataliia Marunchyn, Acting Chief Operations Officer of UACR contacted me expressing interest in licensing specific brochures. UACR, a non—profit organization,  is looking to provide patient-facing and easy-to-understand materials through their website.”

Sharing information about clinical trial participation with the general public improves healthcare literacy and empowers individuals to advocate for their health. CISCRP’s brochures and other educational content, available in a wide variety of formats, make resources about clinical research accessible to all.

The brochures licensed to UACR include:

  • Debunking Common Myths About Clinical Trials
  • What is a Placebo and Why Placebos are Used in Clinical Trials
  • Should I Participate
  • Should My Child Participate
  • Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

CISCRP received digital files of the translated brochures.

CISCRP’s catalog of materials includes brochures, flyers, FAQs, patient stories, videos, infographics, books and website content. Learn more about CISCRP’s offerings here.

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