CISCRP Releases 2019 Perceptions & Insights Study

CISCRP is pleased to announce that executive summaries featuring the results of the 2019 Perceptions & Insights (P&I) study are now available on the CISCRP website.  Since 2013, CISCRP has conducted the Perceptions & Insights study biannually in order to monitor trends and identify opportunities to better inform and engage the public and patients as partners in the clinical research enterprise.

The latest 2019 study contains insights from over 12,450 individuals around the world, including over 3,650 prior study volunteers.  The 2019 executive summaries are organized around 4 key topic areas:

 1) General Perceptions & Awareness

2) Deciding to Participate

3) Patient Engagement Preferences

4) Participation Experiences

General Perceptions & Awareness

While the public continues to acknowledge the importance of clinical research in identifying new medicines, general awareness of and participation in clinical research studies remain low for a variety of reasons. Many initiatives are underway to help change this paradigm.  In recent years, patients and their loved ones have played a more active role in helping to identify the outcomes most relevant to them and by suggesting ways to minimize the burden of clinical trial participation for study volunteers.  Patient advocacy groups and local communities, in partnership with other industry stakeholders, are also developing innovative campaigns and programs to raise awareness.  The hope is that these initiatives can help accelerate the pace at which new treatments are developed and become available to patients. 

CISCRP provides an overview of the analyzed results of the latest global survey of general public and patient perceptions about clinical research.

Deciding to Participate

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is highly personal and each pathway to that decision is different.  Patients and intimately acquainted individuals who provide assistance and support to them often turn to their personal doctors for advice, therefore gaining a better understanding of the role healthcare providers play in the decision-making process. A majority consult the wealth of information that is available in the public domain.  Oftentimes, this content can often be unreliable and overwhelming.  Consequently, providing prospective study volunteers and their loved ones with  comprehensive information from a trusted source has become increasingly important.

CISCRP details a high-level overview of the results of the latest global survey of the general public and patient perceptions about clinical research – including valuable insights on the decision-making process.  The findings illustrate what matters most to patients and offer ways to best support prospective volunteers during this process.

Patient Engagement Preferences

Patients and their loved ones often have different needs and preferences when it comes to clinical trial participation. Each patient’s clinical trial journey is unique – with each person balancing varying degrees personal commitments and work responsibilities. While myriad new patient engagement initiatives are now being offered as part of clinical research studies, what may work for one person may not work for another. The ability to have various options capable of accommodating different lifestyles is critical.

CISCRP provides an overview of the analyzed results of the latest global survey of the general public and patient perceptions about clinical research – including valuable insights on patient engagement preferences among various sub-groups of patient populations, as well as receptivity to new clinical trial models.

Participation Experiences

The advent of emerging technologies and convenience enhancing solutions is profoundly changing the conduct of clinical research and increasing access to clinical trials among broader patient populations.  Despite these new solutions, the traditional burdens of participation – such as travel to the study clinic and the duration of study visits, persist.

CISCRP provides an overview of valuable insights from over 3,650 prior study participants.  The findings will help with the development of Informed Consent strategies and identify other ways to minimize study participation burden, as well as highlight opportunities to maintain engagement post-participation.

The 2019 Perceptions & Insights executive summaries are available free of charge on the CISCRP website under Research Services.  CISCRP will also be presenting the aggregate results of the Perceptions & Insights study at industry conferences, company meetings, and other forums in the coming months.

For a more detailed, in-depth report with a facilitated on-site or webinar meeting, please contact Annick de Bruin at or 617-725-2750 x400. 

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