CISCRP’s Third Annual Medical Heroes Appreci-a-thon

Written by Justine Holleran

Throughout the month of March, CISCRP hosted its 3rd annual Medical Heroes Appreci-a-thon to bring together a community of almost 350 “racers” to express their appreciation for all “Medical Heroes”—medical and healthcare professionals, researchers, and clinical trial participants. 

This month-long virtual fitness challenge encouraged racers to go the distance to recognize Medical Heroes by tracking any form of exercise—cycling, running, yoga, yard work, pet-walking, and more. Any physical activity was translated into “miles,” and racers and their teams could virtually track their progress through a trail of U.S. national parks. 

Racers were able to stay active, strike up friendly competitions, and participate in fun weekly challenges all while learning about clinical research and reading stories about the Medical Heroes that brought them all together for this event. 

Appreci-a-thon attracted 346 racers and 90 teams. Our athletes collectively covered 29,647 miles of the course. Racers participated from almost all 50 U.S. states, Russia, England, Japan, Belgium, Germany, and more! With the support of our sponsors and racers, we were able to exceed our fundraising goal for this program. All funds support important CISCRP initiatives such as our educational events, appreciation programs, and more.  

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