CISCRP’s Community Engagement Opportunities

Patients, volunteers, caregivers, advocates, health professionals, policy makers, and family members all make up CISCRP’s diverse community of engaged stakeholders. We work closely with our community members in a variety of activities to help promote engagement, education, and greater awareness of clinical research.

As CISCRP continues to support a growing number of initiatives, our need for more community volunteers and participants continues to also grow. We want to invite new CISCRP community members to lend expertise to our outreach and awareness programs. If you or someone you know are interested in participating in any of our outreach and awareness initiatives, please contact us today!

Read on for a description of our many community engagement opportunities and how you can get involved:

AWARE for All Panels
Throughout the year, CISCRP holds health education events, called AWARE for All, in different cities around the country. As part of each AWARE for All program, we put together a panel of patient speakers, advocates, and/or caregivers to share their experience of clinical trial participation with the audience. We are always looking for new community members to join the AWARE for All panels and share their own story. To view our upcoming AWARE for All events, click here. If you are interested in becoming an AWARE for All panelist for a future event, contact Ellyn Getz,

Editorial Panels
Editorial panelists play an important role in many of CISCRP’s programs and services. We use editorial panels to review all of our educational resources and materials and to review plain language summaries for our Communicating Trial Results service. Patients, caregivers, advocates, and research professionals are all invited to join our editorial panels and help contribute varying perspectives to these reviews. To learn more about becoming an Editorial Panelist, click here.

Patient Advisory Boards
CISCRP organizes Patient Advisory Boards for research sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), and research centers looking for patient feedback on various clinical research related activities. This includes review of study protocols, informed consent forms, data collection tools, new clinical trial technologies, and other trial materials. Volunteers are an integral part of our Advisory Boards and we are always looking for new patients, caregivers, and advocates to join these panels. Learn more about joining one of our Advisory Board Panels by clicking here.

Live Patient Panels
Another service we offer to research sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), and research centers is to bring in a panel of patients, caregivers, or advocates to discuss their view of clinical research and experience with clinical trials. This is a way for companies to get a broader understanding of how important the patient is in the clinical research process from start to finish. These are held at locations all over the US, so there are many opportunities to get involved in a Live Patient Panel. Contact Rachel Minnick,, for more information about how to get involved in a Live Patient Panel near you.

Medical Hero Spotlights
Each quarter, we feature a clinical trial participant or “Medical Hero” in our e-newsletter. This is a chance for patients or caregivers to share their story and experience with clinical trials. The e-newsletter is distributed through our email channels and is also viewable on our website. If you would like us to share your patient story for our next newsletter, contact Rachel Minnick,

Ambassador Program
If you are a patient who has participated in clinical trials or a caregiver, advocate, or research professional who is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of clinical research, then you may be interested in becoming a CISCRP Ambassador. Our Ambassadors speak at health fairs, conferences, and exhibits in their own city to help educate local members of the public about clinical research. CISCRP provides resources and materials to help assist the Ambassadors with their engagements. To learn more about becoming a CISCRP Ambassador, contact Rachel Minnick,

If you enjoy communicating and sharing through online social sites, then we invite you to join our community on HealthUnlocked called “Understanding Clinical Trials”. This is a place for patients, caregivers, family members, and the public to share insights and information about clinical trials with a large online community.

If you are CISCRP community member who wants to get involved with any of these programs, please contact Rachel Minnick to learn more!

By: Rachel Minnick

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