CISCRP’s Educational Materials to Promote Greater Literacy and Awareness of Clinical Research

CISCRP’s Educational Center is a free online resource for learning more about clinical research and clinical trial participation.  The education center contains a wealth of information to inform patients and the public about clinical research, including FAQs, interactive videos, volunteer perspectives, charts and statistics, downloadable reference guides, and much more.  We encourage potential study volunteers to spend some time educating themselves about clinical research before making an informed decision to participate.  And we encourage sites and researchers to direct study volunteers to our site to learn more about clinical trial participation and the overall clinical research process.

Our education center is always growing and evolving to ensure that we have relevant and timely information about clinical trials available to patients and the public.  We are pleased to introduce a new set of digital brochures that will soon be available in the Education Center on the topics of “Taking Part in a Clinical Trial” and “Let Us Recognize and Thank Study Volunteers.”  These are intended to help patients and family members become more informed and educated about clinical research.  They can also be used as a reference by sites and research institutions.  These will be available to download so that patients may take them as a reference when speaking to their study staff about a clinical trial or to their doctor about clinical research participation options.  They will also be available in print form through the CISCRP Store.

These new brochures were developed in sponsorship with INC Research; a leading global contract research organization (CRO) (  Christine Phillips, MSc, PhD, Senior Director with INC Research comments, “INC is pleased to work with CISCRP to bring new educational pieces to the CISCRP Education Center and Store.  We plan to use these new brochures at our own sites to give patients access to more information about clinical trial participation and the importance of recognizing study volunteers as “medical heroes.””

CISCRP is pleased to provide these and other valuable resources to patients, family members, and the general public so that potential study volunteers can educated themselves and their support team on the clinical research process.  Providing clinical trial education is key to empowering patients to feel that they are engaged and valued partners in the clinical research process.

All of our educational brochures are available to purchase in print form through the CISCRP Store.  We also offer co-branding options for all of our Store materials for sites or companies who wish to add their logo and contact information to the material.  Contact CISCRP for more information!

We are always looking to expand our library of materials and encourage more companies to reach out to CISCRP to develop new educational materials.  Below is a listing of our current brochures and content.  If your company is interested in sponsoring the development of new content, please contact Rachel Minnick at or 617-725-2750 x330.

Should I Participate
Should My Child Participate
African Americans and Clinical Research
Los Hispanos y la Investigacion Clinica
What is a Placebo and Why Are They Used in Clinical Trials
Debunking Common Myths About Clinical Trials
Taking Part in a Clinical Trial (new Store item)
Let Us Recognize and Thank Study Volunteers (new Store item)

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