Collaborations with CISCRP: This Month’s Highlights

By Rachel Minnick

Here at CISCRP we believe that collaboration is essential to generate new ideas, initiatives, and outcomes and we are pleased to join forces with several organizations, in various capacities, to help further our mission of educating patients and the public about clinical research. At any given time, CISCRP is involved in numerous collaborations, so to keep our readership informed, we’ll select a few collaborations to highlight and share in each issue of our newsletter.

One recent collaboration was with INC Research, where our organizations worked together to host the “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon, a crowd-sourcing platform to generate ideas for increasing clinical research awareness. Working as a team, INC and CISCRP identified Judges, Mentors, and Sponsors for the event, and reviewed over 70 idea applications to select the top 13 teams, who were invited to participate in the two-day Ideathon event in Boston, MA. The event was a great success and the collaboration proved to be an example of how CISCRP can work with other organizations to generate new ideas and spread clinical trial awareness.

Another type of collaboration is one where we can share information with other patient-centric organizations. We have a collaboration in place with ICAN, the International Cancer Advocacy Network, a non-profit organization that provides direct patient navigation for Stage IV cancer cases, to provide their members with information about clinical trial participation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. In return, ICAN helps CISCRP to promote our AWARE for All free clinical research education events. In both cases, we are providing vital education and clinical research information to this important patient community.

Yet another example of collaboration is unfolding in our work with HealthUnlocked, a social network that allows patients to find others with similar health concerns so they can discuss, share ideas, and gather helpful information. CISCRP is in the process of creating a community within HealthUnlocked that will provide educational information about clinical research and clinical trials for the wider public.

We also form collaborations within our Communicating Trial Results service. CISCRP works with Synchrogenix as our exclusive medical regulatory writing partner. This expert team of regulatory writers collaborates with the CISCRP Communicating Trial Results team to ensure that the clinical trial information, including informed consent and trial results summaries, are aligned with industry regulation and delivered to the patients before, during, and after their participation in a clinical trial.

CISCRP also works with a variety of patient advocacy organizations, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, National Advocacy for Mental Illness, the Cancer Community, and American Lung Association (to name just a few) to participate in our AWARE for All free health education events. These groups help to bring in patient and physician speakers for our panels, contribute prizes and giveaways for the participants, and donate a variety of health screenings, vaccines, and wellness checks during our events.

CISCRP is always open to collaborations that help educate and inform patients and the public about the importance of clinical research, and we welcome new opportunities in the future. Stay tuned for another round of collaboration highlights in the next issue of the newsletter!

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