Educating Millions of Patients about Clinical Research Through New Partnership

A new collaboration between CISCRP and Context Media:Health delivers important education about the clinical research process to patients at the point-of-care in physician’s waiting rooms and examination rooms nationwide.

Context Media:Health is a leading provider of health information services at the point-of-care in the United States, impacting 377 million visits a year across 25,000 physician practices. This new collaboration offers CISCRP and Context Media the opportunity to further each organization’s mission by providing visual and interactive educational content about clinical research participation to a wide audience of patients. With general public knowledge about the clinical research process so low, this kind of education is an important leap forward to increase national public awareness and trial participation.

“Reaching patients at the point-of-care through this innovative platform propels the CISCRP mission to educate and empower patients to make informed decisions regarding clinical research,” says Jill McNair, CISCRP’s Senior Director of Patient Engagement. “It’s an exciting collaboration for us.”

All ten of CISCRP’s award-winning educational videos, featuring real people talking about their experiences participating in clinical trials, are being shown on Context Media screens across the US. These screens include waiting room televisions, exam room handheld tablets, exam room interactive wallboards, and the Context Media mobile app. Context Media will assist with the production of new video content, including an interactive animated video that will deliver Tips and pointers on how to participate in a clinical trial to assist prospective volunteers in anticipating and planning their engagement experience.

“Content about clinical research is in high-demand in many of our sites. Physicians see the value of educating patients about clinical trials as potential treatment options and how they lend to the advancement of medicine with the introduction of new medicines and treatments,” added Anil Harjani, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Context Media. “We’re proud to partner with CISCRP to provide this information to patients in easy-to-understand videos.”

Keep an eye out for CISCRP’s videos the next time you visit your doctor!

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