From the Editor: Together We Can Make a Difference

One of the greatest joys about what I do (and for that matter, what everyone at CISCRP does) is that I truly get to help people. Our mission is to engage patients and the public as partners in the clinical research process. This means that we strive on a daily basis to make peoples’ lives better.

We achieve this goal through various means: hosting AWARE for All events that educate and inform; helping patients and families search for clinical trials in their area; conducting crucial research in our biannual Perceptions and Insights Study; creating educational brochures and videos about clinical research; providing lay language summaries of trial results for patients; and organizing a brand new fitness challenge to honor patients (see our article inside). 

That’s pretty incredible when you think about it. Increased literacy about clinical research and better patient experiences lead to improved study efficiencies and timelines. These, in turn, lead to better health treatments for all. What a profound effect we can have on public health!

Our nonprofit organization can’t do it alone, however. We rely on your charitable gifts to fund our initiatives. When you make a donation to CISCRP, you are teaching more people about what to expect when taking part in a clinical trial and where to find one. You are showing industry stakeholders what clinical research looks like through the eyes of the patient. You are delivering and making trial results easier to understand. You are recognizing study participants as Medical Heroes! 

As the year 2018 draws to a close, please consider making a charitable donation to CISCRP. With your gifts, we are able to continue these important and very effective initiatives. By ourselves we can make a dent, but together we can make a difference. 

Jim Keen,

Associate Director, Marketing, Promotion, & Outreach

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