From the Editor

With the advent of spring, I think many of us experience a feeling of hope that we won’t have to endure much more wintery weather.  Similarly at CISCRP, there is a sense of hope, but it is year round.  It’s a feeling that the work we do helps to make the world of clinical research a better place. 

Examples of this vibrant feeling permeate through this issue’s articles. In our Medical Hero Spotlight, we learn about the amazing and heartwarming story of Melinda Bachini—a wife and mother who is battling a rare disease, and who has fought it by volunteering in a clinical trial. 

In other articles, we spotlight how:  

  • The American Society of Hematology (ASH) Research Collaborative and CISCRP’s Research Services are working together to engage Sickle Cell Disease communities  
  • CISCRP’s Plain Language Services are critical and are helping the National Cancer Institute 
  • The late Christine Pierre’s legacy lives on in the organization she founded: the Society for Clinical Research Sites  

Christine was a passionate supporter of CISCRP’s mission and a driving force for greater research site sustainability.  Our upcoming AWARE for All Baltimore event is dedicated in her honor.  In addition, we are excited to announce the 3rd edition of Ken Getz’s book, The Gift of Participation.  This new volume contains important updates, as well as an even greater patient focus.  Finally, let me take a moment to congratulate the winners of our first annual virtual fitness challenge, the Medical Heroes Appreci-a-thon.   

Companies with the Most # of Teams:  
1st Place:  Syneos Health 
2nd Place:  Amicus Therapeutics 

Most Spirited Team:  
Mercy Research 

With so many advancements in modern health care and a greater commitment to patient centricity in clinical research, it’s hard not to have hope.  Please enjoy this issue of Partnering in Clinical Research 

Written by Jim Keen, Associate Director of Marketing, Promotion and Outreach

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