MT Pharmacy: Reactions to CISCRP’s New Educational Public Service Initiative

CISCRP recently launched a digital public service initiative called the “MT Pharmacy” designed to increase awareness of the important role that clinical research participants and clinical trials play in advancing public health. The MT Pharmacy video captures reactions and highlights from a temporary store-front pharmacy that was set up on a busy street in Newark, NJ and featured vacant shelves and barren displays – a completely empty pharmacy. The purpose of the initiative was to show that without clinical trials, pharmacy shelves would not carry the necessary medicines and therapies that are used to treat diseases and illnesses for millions of people around the world. 

The video runs a little over 3 minutes in length and to date has received over 5,000 views across various social media platforms. Overwhelmingly the reactions from industry professionals, patients, and members of the public have been that the MT Pharmacy showcases an important and critical message about the importance of clinical trial participation. Many have commented that it’s an innovative approach to educating the public about clinical research and challenges people to think differently about how medicines are brought to pharmacy shelves. As more and more people view and share the video, there are new opportunities for open dialogue about what it means to participate in a clinical trial. The initiative helps to make the topic of clinical research and clinical trial participation personal and relevant. 

The MT Pharmacy video has also been viewed at several industry events and symposiums and shared among research and industry professionals. The initiative was sponsored by Sanofi USand was developed with the assistance of Langland. Many organizations have expressed interest in working with CISCRP to replicate this initiative within their own cities as a way to further increase public impact.

The MT Pharmacy has already received accolades by taking place as 1st Runner Up in the SCOPE 2018 Participant Engagement Awards. CISCRP plans to submit the MT Pharmacy to several other outreach and awareness awards throughout the year. 

In an effort to encourage clinical trial awareness and education we encourage our CISCRP community to view and share this important video with family and friends across social media using the hashtag #mtpharmacy. The link to the video can be found here:

By: Rachel Minnick

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