Brandis Pickard

Senior Editor, Health Communication Services

Prior to joining CISCRP, I spent ten years working as a contracts manager at various oncology research companies in the Boston area, most recently at BeiGene. I landed in the industry by chance, after studying English and Law at UMass. Clinical contract management provided an opportunity to meld those two interests, and to be part of several different teams working toward a common goal: to help patients. For the past decade, I’ve concentrated primarily on the legal documentation and processes essential to get clinical trials up and running. I’m excited now to transition to the Health Communication group, where my focus will be on a different aspect: delivering lay language summaries to patients once the trial is complete. I’m delighted to be part of an organization committed to patient communication and engagement. I believe in the efforts CISCRP is making to ensure that all stakeholders in the clinical research process have a voice.”