Grace B. Charrier

An author, content creator, YouTube host of Cancer Convos with Grace B., and a mental health advocate, Grace B. Charrier has evolved into a passionate and hard-working cancer advocate after a shocking Stage 3 Triple-Negative breast cancer diagnosis. The experience hit her extremely hard especially as she did not have the usual “textbook” symptoms. Nevertheless, she remains upbeat and relentlessly inspires and educates the cancer community and many others who are interested to learn more about the disease from the patient perspective.

A global patient leader, Grace serves on several patient advisory boards of reputable pharma and digital health organizations. The opportunity to raise awareness about the power of the patient voice, the patient experience, and to share evidence-based insights via her social media channels enables her to be a huge resource for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis, any other chronic illness, or needing a caring shoulder to lean on.

A digital health enthusiast, Grace stands for and represents pertinent health issues such as accessibility, diversity, inclusion, health equity, health literacy, health communication, stigma (about cancer, mental health, and any other chronic illness), survivorship, and the underserved community at large.

In recognition of her tireless efforts in cancer advocacy, peace, and community-based initiatives, Grace B. Charrier has been awarded the following:

  • United Nations Ambassador for Peace (Universal Peace Federation)
  • Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) USA
  • eYs International Women’s Day Ambassador Sydney, Australia
  • Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All Bangalore, India (Women Economic Forum)