CISCRP Releases New Video on Initiative to Spread Clinical Trial Awareness Among Diverse Communities

Since 2003 CISCRP has held its AWARE for All events in 13 cities across the country and abroad. The success of this free educational event has expanded into the development of special initiatives such as CISCRP’s MT Pharmacy pop up shop and its latest project, the Journey to Better Health RV. Earlier this month CISCRP debuted the release of a new video documenting this new initiative.

The RV, developed in collaboration with Wondros and Janssen, was created to raise awareness and clinical research literacy among diverse communities in Los Angeles. Similarly to CISCRP’s MT Pharmacy, the first-of-its-kind RV was developed to offer an interactive experience for the public to learn about clinical research.

The four-minute video highlights CISCRP’s belief that clinical research education truly begins in the heart of the community. Viewers get a peek into the RV, which was equipped with activities and resources that visitors were able to walk through to get a better understanding of the clinical research process. Various community members are also featured sharing their perspectives and experiences during their visits.

CISCRP hopes to bring its Journey to Better Health RV to more communities across the country. Those interested in sharing suggestions on possible locations are welcome to submit their nominations here.

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Written by Leslie Perez, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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