New Educational Brochure Developed for Health Care Providers

CISCRP is dedicated to providing tools to educate study volunteers, their caretakers and clinical professionals. These resources include a portfolio of books, videos, and brochures. Recently CISCRP’s founder Ken Getz identified a need for a resource aimed at Health Care Providers which resulted in a new educational brochure titled “Building Bridges between Health Care Providers (HCPs) and Clinical Research.” This brochure was developed as a guide to facilitate relationships between HCPs and Patients, as well as Clinical Research Professionals and HCPs.

CISCRP’s 2017 Perceptions and Insights Study results showed that of those that have participated in a clinical research study, only 19% reported learning about trials from their primary care physician or specialist. However close to 90% believe it is valuable for their regular doctor to present clinical research study options during their visit.  CISCRP’s latest brochure provides guidance for Health Care Providers who would like to refer their patients to clinical trials. It also includes helpful tips for Clinical Research Professionals to improve their relationships with HCPs.

CISCRP will be working with Transcelerate as part of their Health Care Provider Initiative to help promote the launch of this educational brochure. To view a sample of this brochure click here, and to view more of CISCRP’s educational materials visit CISCRP’s Education Center and Online Store. CISCRP is always open to expanding their library of materials and encourages more companies to reach out to develop new educational materials. If your company is interested in sponsoring the development of new content, please contact Leslie Perez at

Written by Leslie Perez, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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