Third Edition of The Gift of Participation to be Released Soon

The groundbreaking book, The Gift of Participation, is now being printed in its 3rd edition. Written by CISCRP founder, Kenneth Getz, the new version will contain important updates and will be even more patient focused than before.

Dedicated to honoring and helping people make informed decisions about volunteering for a clinical trial, The Gift of Participation is the ultimate guidebook for seeing patients and their families through this process. The volume offers crucial information on what to expect, where to find trials, and questions to ask.

The book is also an important tool for research and health professionals who make it available in their waiting rooms and frequently give it to patients and their families who are considering clinical trials. In addition, many companies stock The Gift of Participation in their libraries as a valuable reference resource.

Additions to the book include:

  • A new design and layout to make the book even easier to read and reference
  • A new forward by cancer survivor and Medical Hero, Meisha Brown
  • An entire new chapter on the Patient Engagement Movement and new ways that patients, their families, and health care providers are getting involved as partners in the clinical research process
  • A new section on precision medicine and the use of genetic information and bio-markers in clinical research
  • A new section on changing legislation and guidelines about expanded access and the Right to Try for patients who are not eligible for a clinical trial but wish to inquire about gaining access to a new investigational treatment
  • A new section on new approaches to improving study participation convenience, including the use of home nursing networks, concierge services, hybrid and virtual clinical trials
  • A new section on receiving plain language clinical trial results
  • Updated and new charts and figures on the clinical research landscape

Clinical research and health professionals have routinely handed-out earlier editions of  The Gift of Participation to patients and families who are considering clinical trials. Copies of the book have also been made available in waiting rooms; as reference resources in public, school, and company libraries; and given to colleagues as gifts.

If you are interested in pre-ordering copies, please click on the following link:

Written by Jim Keen, Associate Director of Marketing, Promotion, and Outreach

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