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April 7, 2015
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April 7, 2015
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CISCRP and Acurian Host 2015 Perceptions & Insights Roundtable Series

CISCRP and program sponsor Acurian announce a new series of Perceptions & Insights Roundtable events scheduled in 2015. Roundtables will be held in five cities with the next event scheduled for May 7, 2015 at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

These intimate, open forums provide an important opportunity for research professionals and policymakers to discuss the findings and implications of the 2013 Perceptions & Insights study. CISCRP conducted an in-depth global assessment of public and patient perceptions, motivations, and experiences with clinical research participation. In all, nearly 6,000 respondents worldwide participated in the 2013 survey making it the largest study of its kind in history.

At the core of this study is a set of questions that will be repeated every two years to help CISCRP measure trends in public and patient perceptions and experiences; identify opportunities to better inform, educate, and engage the public and patients as partners in clinical research; and monitor areas where new practices and initiatives are having an impact. “Data like this is one of the best ways to see social change in real time,” said an attendee of one of the recent roundtables.  “It tells us how effective patient-centered, educational efforts have been on a global scale, and which areas we need to work harder in.”

In February, CISCRP and Acurian held the first event of the series in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Over 40 professionals gathered for an engaging presentation and lively discussion. CISCRP presented the results and implications of the 2013 study. Scott Connor, Vice President, Marketing for Acurian discussed ways to apply the insights from the CISCRP study to improve recruitment and retention planning and execution.

At the present time, CISCRP is preparing to launch the 2015 wave of this ground breaking study.  In addition to the core questions, the study will also gather more granular data informing differences in perceptions and experiences by disease condition and by race and ethnicity.

As always, we welcome your participation.  Your opinion matters to us, so please take a moment to share it with us via the link below. The confidential online survey takes 15 minutes or less to complete, and participants will have a chance to win a $10.00 USD gift card:


View CISCRP’s published reports here and contact for more information about the series or about hosting a seminar.

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