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September 9, 2014
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September 9, 2014
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New Patient Videos Provide Nondisease-specific Education

We heard you! New CISCRP patient videos provide nondisease-specific education on clinical trials.

CISCRP received several suggestions from patient advocacy groups, study sites, and research sponsors for new educational content.  We’re delighted to introduce two non disease-specific educational videos to our library of patient resources:

These shorter versions of existing CISCRP video content feature patients and research professionals sharing their experience with clinical trials. They provide important information to help educate patients and the public about clinical research, as well as to show appreciation for the role trial participants play in advancing public health.

Our new Spanish language video, “Los Hispanos Y La Investigacion Clinica,” addresses the questions and concerns of Spanish speaking populations about clinical research. This video focuses on providing general education about clinical trials and does not discuss any specific conditions or diseases.

The nondisease-specific version of “African Americans and Clinical Trials” discusses clinical trials generally, providing education about the research process and addressing the questions and concerns of African-American populations.

We welcome suggestions for new resources that address specific educational needs.  In addition to developing and producing its own print and digital content, CISCRP also provides consultation and development services in collaboration with various stakeholders to help create new educational content.  If you have ideas and suggestions for new educational content, please contact us!


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