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Search Clinical Trials Service Helps Thousands Find Local, Relevant Clinical Trials

Since its inception in 2004, CISCRP’s Search Clinical Trials service has provided invaluable support for prospective volunteers looking to identify relevant and accessible clinical trials. This free service also provides educational information about the clinical trials process. Our staff conducts a customized search to find the best clinical trial options for each inquiry.

All search information is kept confidential and only provided to the individual requesting a search. CISCRP conducts a search of a number of online trial listing sources and compiles the relevant trials that have been identified. Next, CISCRP provides the results of each search to the individual inquiring along with educational material that answers frequently asked questions about the clinical trial participation process and one’s rights as a study volunteer.

This year, the Search Clinical Trials service has been used extensively. CISRCP receives between 30 and 45 requests each week. During 2014, CISCRP has received approximately 1,700 search requests from people of all ages and backgrounds across the country and around the world. Of those requests, 89% of search results were found within close geographic proximity. Other searches found relevant trials in an expanded geographic area.

Patients find the complimentary Search Clinical Trials program primarily through the internet. “I love this program! It’s been very helpful in the past,” a Houston volunteer stated in characteristic fashion to most volunteers who use this service. “I just submitted another search request this week.”

Some individuals submit requests for loved ones as a caregiver, involved family member or friend. “My father has difficulty navigating computers and the Internet. I thought about clinical trials as an option for him, but I didn’t know where to look,” explained one volunteer’s daughter. “This service took that pressure off my mind and made a big difference for us.”


To learn more about CISCRP’s free service, please visit or call our office at 617-725-2750.

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