Having trouble finding a clinical trial? We can help!

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Finding a clinical trial can be confusing. Search Clinical Trials is a free service designed to help people find clinical trials that are relevant to their needs. CISCRP staff will work with you to understand your options and our staff will help you find local clinical trials in your community, or as far as you would be comfortable traveling.

Our staff will search clinical trial listings and send the contact information for research studies to you by your choice of either e-mail or regular mail. You will also receive a free educational brochure with things to consider and key questions to ask the research staff so you can decide if the clinical trial is right for you.

If you provide an email address as part of your search, you will also receive our quarterly e-newsletter to help you stay informed about CISCRP and the clinical research enterprise. As part of our mission, CISCRP periodically invites patients to share their experiences and to provide their perspectives so that the research community can be better informed, and get feedback from patients. We welcome hearing from you.

The time frame for receiving your search results is typically 24 hours (if you request your results to be sent via email) or a week (if you request your results to be sent via regular mail).