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January 27, 2016
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Search Clinical Trials Service Sees Exponential Growth in 2015

CISCRP is helping more patients find clinical trials than ever before with its complimentary Search Clinical Trials service. This assistance service is provided to patients and their families and health care providers looking for information about specific clinical trials. Since 2004, CISCRP has offered this service and it has grown substantially. More than 200 patients request searches each month. This past year — 2015 — saw very strong growth in the service, with a 34% increase in requests over the prior year resulting in more than 2,600 total searches conducted.

“Since the beginning, Search Clinical Trials has been an important free public service that we have offered the patient community and their network of support. Word has spread and now thousands of patients are reaching out to CISCRP each year for assistance,” explains Ken Getz, CISCRP Board Chair and Founder.

Finding a clinical trial can be a difficult process, especially for someone who doesn’t know where to look for the information. Even when clinical trial information is uncovered, so much of the information available is written in very technical language and it is often incomplete. Many patients have attempted to identify clinical trials on their own and they are now looking for help. That’s where CISCRP’s Search Clinical Trials service comes in.

A phone call to CISCRP’s toll-free number or a few minutes spent on the CISCRP website to fill out an online request form will instruct the Search Clinical Trials team to get to work gathering listings and information about relevant clinical trials.

The CISCRP team searches a wide variety of web sites — including and — and compiles a list of active clinical trials that may be relevant studies for patients and their families to consider. These listings contain investigative site contact information and links to more information.

Next, the CISCRP SCT team combines this listing of active clinical trials with reference resources designed to educate patients about clinical trial participation, key questions to ask, and information about the clinical research process. Results are sent either by mail or email within 5-10 business days.

CISCRP strives to provide accurate and helpful clinical trial information to each person who requests our service, making the information easily available and simply understood. The goal is to simplify the process for patients seeking information about other treatment options and assist them in learning about relevant clinical trials actively enrolling participants in their area.

CISCRP is not involved in recruiting patients for clinical trials or conducting clinical trials. If you are a patient seeking assistance to find a clinical trial, we invite you to fill out our online submission form to request a custom clinical trial listing, or call us at 1-877-MED-HERO.

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