Pediatric Education Series: Who’s Involved?

This 4-part, live-action video series explains clinical research to children and teenagers:

  • Part 1: Overview of Clinical Trials
  • Part 2: Who’s Involved
  • Part 3: How it Works and What It Means to Consent
  • Part 4: Treatments in Clinical Trials

This video is also available with Spanish subtitles here and is available in French.

These videos were developed with feedback from patients, parents, and community advocates involved in pediatric research. They all helped to make sure the topics, language, images, and design of these videos are appropriate, educational, and engaging for pediatric audiences.    

These videos were also reviewed by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is also known as an independent ethics committee. The IRB review ensures the videos follow ethical guidelines for providing information about clinical research to patients and the public.  

Our partner in this process, Otsuka, sponsored the development of this video series.

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