Looking Ahead: CISCRP Gets Ready to Launch 2019 Perceptions and Insights Study

Every two years, CISCRP invites patients and the public around the world to share their opinions on clinical trials through the global CISCRP Perceptions and Insights (P&I) study, which reveals important trends in the views on and experiences with clinical research. The latest 2017 P&I study collected responses from more than 12,400 individuals—making the study the largest of its kind. CISCRP is now getting ready to launch the 2019 study which will build upon the many valuable insights from prior years.

Since the P&I study’s inception, findings have informed researchers of ways to make participation more accessible and less burdensome for study volunteers. Key differences in clinical research perceptions among various populations are also highlighted and offer insight into how to best approach members of each targeted group. To view more detailed findings, click here to download the 2017 P&I study reports online.

With every P&I study, CISCRP considers new questions to include depending on the current issues plaguing the research enterprise. In 2019, the CISCRP research team plans to gather more granular insights into demographic, disease-specific, and other subgroup differences. The organization will also explore new areas, including a more detailed examination of preferences for patient engagement initiatives and the impact those initiatives have. In addition, the team will gauge the perceived role of patient advocacy groups in helping to navigate clinical research participation. Finally, the study will include an additional focus on the Informed Consent process and eConsent.

In preparation for the 2019 study, CISCRP invites industry stakeholders to join a kickoff meeting in February of 2019, where representatives are invited to share their thoughts on topics and questions of interest to help shape the final survey instrument. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Annick Anderson, Director of Research Services, at annickanderson@ciscrp.org or at (617) 725-2750 ext. 400.

Written by Nova Getz, Research Associate

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