PLSP: The Results Of The DESTINY-Breast Cancer01 Clinical Trial Published In Future Oncology

Written by: Joan Chambers |

CISCRP and Oxford PharmaGenesis collaborated with Daiichi Sankyo, AstraZeneca, and Dr. Shanu Modi of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York to write a plain language summary publication (PLSP) of the results of the DESTINY-Breast01 clinical trial.

The demand from the public, patient, and health care communities for plain language information on results of clinical trials is extremely high. For more than ten years, CISCRP has been translating scientific clinical trial results information into plain, easy-to-understand language for patients and the public around the world to be communicated in print and digital formats.

This PLSP provides important information about HER2-positive breast cancer to patients, their family members or caregivers, and patient advocates. In a simple format, the PLSP highlights and addresses: what HER2 positive breast cancer is, why the clinical trial was conducted, the most common adverse events, and the overall trial results.

Over 253 women aged 18 and older participated in the trial. This PLSP answers the main questions researchers had in the DESTINY-Breast01 trial:

  • Did the participants’ tumors shrink or disappear after receiving the T-DXd treatment?
  • For how long did the participants’ tumors shrink or disappear before growing again?
  • For how long did the participants live with their cancer before it got worse?
  • What were the most common adverse events during treatment with T-DXd?

The PLSP team worked to ensure the PLSP was easy to read by adding creative visuals, tables, and answers to key questions about the DESTINY-Breast01 clinical trial. The PLSP was reviewed by an editorial panel of patients, patient advocates, members of the public, and healthcare professionals to evaluate and confirm that a “patient-first” approach was taken. The panel reviewed the writing, design, and layout to help patients, family members, and caregivers understand the trial results.

Read the full published PLSP on Future Oncology here.

CISCRP collaborates with industry organizations to create documents from scientific manuscripts that are accessible for patients, patient advocacy groups, and the public. Visit Health Communication Services for more information. 

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