Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020 Campaign

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CISCRP would like to recognize and extend a ‘Thank You’ to Praxis for donating their pro-bono graphic design services to create the full page advertisement. View the advertisement here by clicking on the star.


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Spring 2020

Two articles were featured in the following newspapers:

Atlanta Voice – View PDF of Full Spread

Chicago Citizen – View PDF of Full Spread

Michigan Chronicle – View PDF of Full Spread

Philly Tribune – View PDF of Full Spread

Excelsior (Los Angeles) – View PDF of Full Spread

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View articles in Spanish.

Four-value add digital news editions: 

Chicago Defender

Atlanta Daily World

News Pittsburgh Courier

Atlanta Tribune

A Very Special ‘Thank You’ to the Supporting Organizations:






Subject Well

Segal Trials

ASH Research Collaborative


CISCRP would like to recognize and extend a ‘Thank You’ to Praxis for donating their pro-bono graphic design expertise to create the advertisement.

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Autumn 2019

CISCRPs inaugural Patient Diversity campaign was implemented in November 2019.  The campaign focuses on sharing educational information about clinical research and highlighting the critical importance of patient diversity within clinical trial participation in order to discover treatments that are effective for all.

CISCRP collaborated with 5 leading publishers serving diverse and minority communities in major cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit and Atlanta—to circulate an impactful and meaningful awareness building advertisement (featured to the right).

Five newspapers (print & digital)

The Weekly Citizen (Chicago)

New York Amsterdam (NYC)

Michigan Chronicle (Detroit)

Atlanta Voice (Atlanta)

Excelsior (Los Angeles) (translated to Spanish)

Three additional digital newspapers

Atlanta Daily World

Chicago Defender

News Pittsburgh Courier

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