Scott Finger

Managing Editor | Health Literacy

I studied journalism at Roger Williams University where I discovered my love for all things writing and editing. Over the past several years, I’ve created newsletters, managed web content, written email marketing campaigns, developed technical documents, and managed a knowledge base for Medicaid customer service.

My expertise is putting complicated information into readable text. I’ve worked alongside health experts, engineers, and scientists, and I’ve noticed that these incredibly smart people sometimes have trouble explaining complex information in simple terms that non-experts can fully understand. It’s not lost on me how important it is to ensure that an audience truly comprehends what they read, especially when it comes to health information.

I’m excited to be a part of CISCRP where I can use my skills to educate the public on clinical trials and serve the volunteers/heroes that make these trials possible. In my free time, I watch/play sports, write fiction, or wonder how house cats came into existence.