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Health Communication Projects

CISCRP can translate the following documents:

Trial results:
CISCRP will translate the technical, scientific results of clinical trials into plain language.

Plain Language Summary of Publication:
CISCRP creates documents that are accessible for patients, patient advocacy groups and the public from scientific manuscripts. These summaries can then be provided through scientific publications, patient advocacy websites, direct mail campaigns and/or webinars.

Informed consent documents:
CISCRP will create a general template for ICFs (including graphic design) that can be available to study teams or translate study-specific ICFs into plain language.

Working from your manuscript, CISCRP will draft an abstract for journal submission.

Patient education brochures:
Working from your protocol or the informed consent document, CISCRP will develop a patient education brochure to complement your informed consent process.

Research summaries:
CISCRP will provide plain language summaries of proposed research, written in a form suitable for disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, for grant applications or ethics submissions.

Legal documents:
Using the source documents provided by you, CISCRP will work with a Health Literacy Lawyer who is an expert in designing effective, user-friendly communications that both comply with law and are easily understandable to patients and the public.

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