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Patient Journey Workshops

Supporting Patient Engagement​

A Patient Clinical Trial Journey Workshop is an interactive and dynamic patient engagement activity. It is designed to solicit important patient and/or caregiver insights and preferences over the course of a clinical trial.

The workshop is composed of a variety of interactive and visual exercises which allow patients to delve deep into their own experiences and build the ideal future experience. By the end of the workshop, patients will have created large murals filled with valuable insights which CISCRP staff subsequently use to produce a visual representation or roadmap of the clinical trial journey, highlighting improvement areas. This roadmap allows sponsor organizations to identify the factors most critical to patients and their caregivers during their journey, and ultimately helps to improve future participant experiences.

Patient Clinical Trial Journey Workshops can be conducted independently or complement a Patient Advisory Board.

CISCRP can conduct both Patient Journey Workshops and Patient Advisory Boards in a virtual environment, using teleconferencing software. This flexible model provides the opportunity to have global representation in a convenient and safe manner for participants.

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