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Perceptions and Insights Study

CISCRP is pleased to share the findings of the 2019 Perceptions & Insights study. Executive summaries are below.

Biennially, CISCRP conducts a global study on public and patient perceptions of clinical research in order to establish routine global assessments related to experiences with clinical research participation. Industry stakeholders can use this report to monitor trends and identify opportunities to better inform and engage all stakeholders and partners in the clinical research enterprise.

CISCRP receives input and support from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research organizations, and from investigative sites for the development of this study.

Each study is reviewed by an ethical review committee before publication.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, CISCRP conducted a brief survey to assess what impacts the pandemic has had on levels of understanding, perceptions, and experiences related to clinical research. Report is below.

Download Reports

CISCRP provides copies of these reports free-of-charge to the public and patients, but requests that research professionals and sponsors consider donating to our nonprofit organization in support of our ongoing efforts to research and understand study volunteer perceptions, experiences and behaviors.

Facilitated roundtable discussions on CISCRP’s Research Study Results, insights and reports can be hosted at your company or via a virtual interactive meeting.  Contact us to learn more about this specialized service offering at



CISCRP reviews
general awareness and perceptions that patients and the public have about clinical research. Patients and their loved ones identify what is important to them.


CISCRP shares
insights on patient engagement preferences among various sub-groups of patient populations. Offering a variety of initiatives to support study volunteers can help promote participation.


CISCRP explores how patients navigate the highly personal decision to participate in clinical research. Providing information that is clear and easy to understand is essential.


CISCRP looks at the advent of emerging technologies and other convenience-enhancing solutions that are reshaping the patient participation experience.


Pediatric Perceptions and insights Study 2020

CISCRP reviews key information parents and their children want to know about pediatric clinical trials, as well as past or current experiences participating in pediatric clinical trials.

perceptions & insights:
covid-19 survey

CISCRP explores the impact of COVID-19 on clinical research.


General Perceptions and Knowledge on Clinical Research

CISCRP takes an in-depth look at general perceptions and knowledge of clinical research and reveals opportunities for stakeholders to develop targeted educational initiatives to meet the unique needs of various populations, and to positively influence perceptions going forward.

The Participation Decision-Making Process

CISCRP explores the participation decision-making process and reveals opportunities for stakeholders to support prospective study volunteers as they navigate this journey.

The Participation Experience

CISCRP explores various aspects of the clinical research participation experience and highlights new opportunities to enhance this experience and achieve higher levels of study volunteer engagement.

Charts & Statistics

​CISCRP’s charts and statistics have been collected through studies, surveys, and research. Explore just a few examples of our graphs and charts on clinical research and participation in clinical trials.

If you have any questions about these charts and statistics, or would like to suggest useful information to include, please contact us.

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Global Public Attitudes About Clinical Research and Patient Experiences With Clinical Trials

View our article published in JAMA where we cover how perceptions of clinical research among the public and clinical trial participants evolved over time.

Differences in Clinical Research Perceptions and Experiences by Age Subgroup

View our article published in Sage Journals where we assess how perceptions and experiences of clinical research differ by age group.