Spreading Clinical Research Awareness to Diverse Communities

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is launching a new educational campaign focusing on the importance of clinical research participation and diversity in clinical trials.  

As an extension of our ongoing semi-annual national media outreach program to recognize Medical Heroes and spread clinical research awareness in the USA Today newspaper, CISCRP has established relationships with five leading newspaper publishers serving diverse minority communities.  The new campaign will reach nearly one million people in African American and Hispanic communities in major cities throughout the United States during the month of November.  These major cities include Atlanta, Georgia (Atlanta Voice Newspaper), Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Citizen Newspaper), Detroit, Michigan (Michigan Chronicle), Los Angeles, California (Excélsior Newspaper), and New York City, New York (New York Amsterdam News). 

Throughout the month of November, CISCRP will place a compelling and inspiring full-page, 4-color ad with thought-provoking copy in each of the newspapers—both print and digital.  The ad will highlight the need for diverse patient participation in clinical research in order to discover new therapies that are effective for all individuals.  

Collectively, we can raise public and patient awareness and education with the full-page ad and its powerful message, “Diversity in Clinical Trials Brings New Treatments to Everyone.”  

The campaign’s goal is aimed at building trust within diverse and underserved minority communities, breaking down the barriers, informing individuals about clinical research participation and the importance of diversity in clinical trials.  

CISCRP will be receiving support from various stakeholders in the clinical research industry who share the same passion and commitment to improving clinical trials and extending opportunities to participate in studies to underrepresented communities.  This exciting campaign is just the beginning.  OvertimeCISCRP plans to increase the scope and frequency of this diversity-focused initiative.  We are hopeful that future participating sponsors of this important campaign will contribute their own educational content and utilize our media channels to share valuable information with underserved communities.    

To learn more or participate in this important initiative, please contact Kat Marriott at KMarriott@ciscrp.org. 

Written by Kat Marriott, Marketing Program Manager 

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