Educational Brochures


CISCRP educational brochures provide clear, concise, easy-to-follow information on a variety of topics important to study volunteers and their support network. Brochures are available in more than 26 languages with references to country-specific resources.

  • Our internationally distributed brochure, Should I Participate brochure, provides general education on clinical research for the public, patients, and people considering participating in clinical research.
  • Our brochures specifically created for African-American and Hispanic Audiences have been focus group tested for cultural sensitivity of ethno-medical values and beliefs to address the special interests of readers.
  • For parents, the Children and Clinical Studies brochure provides important information to consider when deciding whether their children should participate in clinical trials.
  • Many people do not know what a “placebo” is or why it is used in clinical research, our “What is a Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial?” brochure covers these topics and more.

Sponsors, Clinical Research Organizations, patient advocates, and investigative sites, distribute these brochures in health care provider waiting rooms, at health fairs and at clinical research centers. Since 2004, more than half a million copies have been distributed.

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Below is a List of Our Brochures