Supporter Spotlight EMD Serono

Studies have shown that, when it comes to patient engagement in clinical research, there are three main factors that offer the highest returns: patient and professional advisory boards, social media engagement, and patient education programs. Many biopharmaceutical companies and CROs are working to adopt these kinds of patient engagement practices into their clinical research development strategies in hopes to achieve faster study planning; quicker approval and initiation timelines; higher randomization, increased recruitment and retention rates; fewer disruptions and delays; and more positive study volunteer satisfaction levels.

We are grateful to EMD Serono’s leadership to actively raise awareness and improve clinical research literacy. Their support for CISCRP’s AWARE for All: Clinical Research Education events since 2008 has enabled us to significantly enhance the reach of the program to diverse communities around the world, attract recognized figures in medical research, and appeal to policymakers to understand the importance of clinical research. Since their participation as a National Sponsor in 2013, over two million people have received educational materials about clinical research through print and electronic outreach. In addition, attendee surveys consistently report a high likelihood (96%) to share learnings about participation with friends and family.

EMD Serono has shown extreme commitment and a patient-centric approach in their clinical development program. CISCRP has witnessed this commitment through a strong collaboration with EMD Serono in multiple activities focused on bringing the voice of the patient to the center of everything they do. The Global Clinical Operations (GCO) team at EMD Serono has sponsored over a dozen CISCRP-moderated patient advisory boards across several therapeutic indications. The GCO team shares all valuable insights and information with their internal stakeholders with the objective to secure a patient-focused approach within the development and execution of clinical trials. 

Rodrigo Garcia, MD, MS, Head of Global Clinical Applications and Innovation at EMD Serono, sees this patient-centric approach as the foundation for every activity and initiative his group leads. “Science and patients’ voice should be synergistic forces driving the drug development process,” says Rodrigo Garcia, MD, MS.

We want to thank EMD Serono for their support and dedication to CISCRP’s mission, for helping to create awareness about the importance of clinical research, and for improving the overall patient experience.

Written by Ellyn Getz, Senior Manager of Development and Community Engagement

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