Supporter Spotlight: Janssen

In this edition of the Supporter Spotlight, we are excited to be featuring The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, a major proponent of patient engagement and a national sponsor for CISCRP’s clinical research awareness and patient advocacy initiatives. CISCRP and Janssen recently collaborated on a groundbreaking interactive and experiential mobile unit — the “Journey to Better Health” RV — which traveled around the neighborhoods of Los Angeles during the month of May offering hands-on educational information about clinical research to the public. The “Journey to Better Health” RV also raised awareness of CISCRP’s live AWARE for All community health event held in LA later that month. To hear more about the “Journey to Better Health” RV and AWARE for All program, check out the following article, “CISCRP Educates LA Community with AWARE Program and Traveling Mobile Unit”.

Dr. Andreas Koester, Vice President and Global Head at Janssen Clinical Innovation, commented:

“CISCRP has been spearheading the mission to educate and empower the public about clinical research participation since 2003. It holds an impressive track record in outreach to various communities nationwide through the one of a kind AWARE events. We are proud to have sponsored the AWARE event in LA – one of the most diverse metropolitan areas. A lot of thought went into partnering with CISCRP and Wondros to develop an innovative community outreach tool.”

Andreas also spoke about the “Journey to Better Health” RV, “The mobile unit proved to be a very effective broadcasting channel, yielding nearly half of the AWARE event registrations. It allowed us to interact with hundreds of people from diverse communities across the city. This success is proof, if it needed any, that we can only “go wider and go deeper” if we bring education and information to where the audience is. The mobile unit enabled a leap forward in public engagement and broader reach. As we at Janssen strive to strengthen public clinical research literacy, I look forward to future opportunities for collaboration with CISCRP.”

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CISCRP thanks Janssen for its dedication and support in helping to build awareness and to provide education about the importance of clinical research and patient engagement in advancing public health.

We will spotlight a different supporter or volunteer in each Newsletter, so stay tuned for new features each quarter.

Written by Kat Marriott, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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