USA Today Supplement on Clinical Trials

CISCRP recently published another informative and educational clinical research supplement in the USA Today newspaper on June 7th. Running routine digital and print national media outreach across major newspaper outlets like USA Today, while simultaneously hosting our local events and community engagement efforts, allows CISCRP to have a maximum impact through frequent and consistent public awareness-building and educational messaging surrounding the topic of clinical research.

With ever-increasing interest in our “National Clinical Trial Outreach and Awareness Initiative” from key organizations and thought leaders in the industry, this particular insert grew beyond its usual 8-page spread to a 12-page spread to accommodate additional content. Reaching an audience of approximately 1.75 million people, with print markets in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Houston, as well as a digital publication, this biannually occurring campaign promotes greater public awareness of clinical research and reshapes perceptions surrounding participation in trials.

Contributions from Janssen, Pfizer, WCG, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Biogen, and Merck made for a well-rounded collection of articles and advertisements covering various topics relevant to clinical research. CISCRP’s founder, Ken Getz, dedicated his foreword to “Medical Heroes”, acknowledging their investment in medical science and the future of public health. Additionally, we worked with our publisher, Media Planet, to create a helpful infographic, “What to Expect From Your First Clinical Trial,” to guide patients who are considering participation in a trial but don’t quite know what to anticipate. Another article that CISCRP included in the supplement explored the alternative options, specifically compassionate use and right to try, for patients who do not meet the requirements and are therefore ineligible for enrollment in an available clinical trial. On the back cover of the insert, CISCRP placed a newly designed “Thank You to Medical Heroes” advertisement, supported by all of the campaign sponsors as well as Allergan, PMG Research, Segal Trials, and Praxis. Our cover story focused on Jillian McNulty, a 43-year-old exemplary clinical trials volunteer and determined advocate for cystic fibrosis.

We will be publishing our next clinical trials supplement in December of 2019. There will be opportunities for sponsoring companies to contribute advertisements and/or editorial content. Contact Kat Marriott,, for sponsorship options and for the chance to partake in the development of the next educational supplement.

Written by Kat Marriott, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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