Volunteer Perspectives: Quincy

Like any 31 year-old father of three, Quincy counts his blessings. Unlike other people his age, however, Quincy has had to deal with more than most. As a 24-year-old college football player, he was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) after a routine exam.

At the time of his diagnosis, Quincy’s white blood cell count was about 20 times higher than a healthy adult. After a long struggle he finally got his illness under control, only to relapse in 2011. After he had to receive his second bone marrow transplant, he turned to a clinical trial to aid his recovery. Although Quincy experienced some uncomfortable side effects and had to undergo frequent blood draws and painful bone marrow biopsies, the pills proved helpful.

A few months later, Quincy could finally share the news he had hoped for with his wife and mother- that he was in remission. According to Quincy, “I encourage researchers to raise funds, work long hours, dig deep and make things happen for people like me… I want them to know they need to keep doing what they’re doing and keep patients in mind because we are just like they are. We have families just like they do, and we’re counting on them.”

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