What if you Could Change the Face of Clinical Trial Participation with a Great Idea?

CISCRP and INC Research will collaborate in hopes of generating new ideas from clinical research professionals on how to better engage patients and the public. In September 2016, the Ideathon will bring together industry leaders and pioneers along with advocacy groups to share new research initiatives, which aim to bring greater awareness to the importance of clinical trial participation in advancing public health.

“Without clinical trial participants, new medicines and discoveries simply wouldn’t be possible,” said CISCRP founder Ken Getz. “It is essential that we engage patients and their local health care community as partners in the drug development process. We are very excited about entering into this collaboration with INC Research to raise public awareness about clinical research, to educate the patient community and to ultimately strengthen our patient engagement.”

Clare Grace, PhD, Vice President of Site and Patient Access, INC Research, concurs with Getz’s assertion that increased patient engagement is vital to the progress of public health. “Continuing to make patients valued partners in the clinical research process is vital to accelerating the delivery of new medicines to market,” said Grace. “CISCRP has been doing great work in this area for more than a decade and INC Research is proud to support their efforts to further increase awareness of the critical role patients play in clinical research and the value that this research brings to the development of new therapies.” INC Research and CISCRP share the belief that if patients feel more connected with the clinical research community, misperceptions regarding clinical research and perceived barriers that may make a person hesitant about participating in suitable clinical trials can be better addressed.

CISCRP continues to work with a number of CROs and sponsors to raise awareness and provide education and outreach to patients and their families about the clinical research process. These collaborations, like the Ideathon, produce valuable patient engagement and patient centricity within the industry.

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