Speak Smart About Clinical Trials

If you join a clinical trial, you may want to share the news. But words are powerful, and can impact the study. This interactive infographic shares information and videos about clinical research and how to best communicate about it. Access it here.

Global Resilience Institute Shares COVID-19 Resources

Educational Curriculum Made Possible by Collaboration of Experts from Northeastern University

The Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University released a “COVID-19: Staying Safe, Resilient & Protected” website to assist the public and provide comprehensive information on vaccines, how to be safe and resilient, and enterprise restart and recovery tactics.

You can access the site here.

Content is delivered in English and Spanish.

CISCRP Provides Plain Language Clinical Trial Communication Services to Support Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Sponsors

Boston, MA | January 14, 2021—The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) today announced that it is providing plain language communication consulting and services to companies involved in Operation Warp Speed vaccine studies.  Late last year, CISCRP pledged to donate its expertise and production capabilities to assist Operation Warp Speed sponsors.  At that time, companies soon-to-receive emergency use authorizations and those in late-stage clinical trials began collaborating with CISCRP.


Public, patient, and health care community demand for plain language information about the results of COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials is extremely high.  At the same time, health officials and Operation Warp Speed vaccine sponsors believe that transparency and disclosure of clinical trials results and information is essential to engendering public trust and facilitating broad support for vaccination programs that are now rolling out globally.


For more than ten years, CISCRP — a non-profit organization — has been translating scientific clinical trial results information into plain, non-technical language for patients and the public around the world.  To deliver on its pledge, CISCRP is assisting Operation Warp Speed vaccine sponsors in a variety of ways including sharing best practices; developing, producing, and distributing plain language trial results summaries; and preparing plain language content to be communicated in print and digital formats.


Oxford PharmaGenesis, a global provider of medical, regulatory, and scientific writing will also be donating its services in collaboration with CISCRP on this important initiative. 


“Given the incredible time and resource pressures that Operation Warp Speed vaccine sponsors are facing, CISCRP decided to donate staff time and expertise; its editorial panel of patients; and print production and distribution costs,” said Ken Getz, CISCRP’s founder and board chair.  “We’re very pleased to be collaborating with so many COVID-19 vaccine sponsors.  And in the process, CISCRP is able to ensure consistent, high quality and compliant practices across sponsor companies,” he added.


For more information about CISCRP’s pledge to support Operation Warp Speed vaccine studies, contact Jill McNair, Senior Director, Health Communication, CISCRP via email jmcnair@ciscrp.org or phone at 617-725-2750 (Ext 101).


About the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP)

CISCRP is a Boston-based, globally focused, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing public and patient education and advocacy.  CISCRP’s mission is to inform patients and the public about clinical research and the important role that it plays in advancing public health and to help stakeholders in drug development engage with patients and the public as clinical research partners (www.CISCRP.org)


Contact:                 Joan Chambers
                                 Senior Director, Marketing
                                 617 725 2750 ext. 202