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We welcome donations from companies as well as individuals. Your generous donations help support our ongoing efforts to increase and promote education about clinical research participation. These efforts include CISCRP’s AWARE for All, Journey to Better Health mobile exhibit, Medical Heroes campaign, Perceptions and Insights Study, Search Clinical Trials, International Education & Awareness campaign, Education Center, and more.
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Volunteer Network

CISCRP has always been grateful to have the help of volunteers from all different backgrounds, and as the organization has grown, so too have the programs. Today they are better defined than ever before. To be inclusive of the whole community, which includes professionals, patients, and caregivers, CISCRP’s programs have been revised to include a Medical Hero Alumni Community and an Ambassador Network.

The Medical Hero Alumni Community caters to clinical research participants, and their friends and family, encouraging them to share their personal experience and insight. There are various ways in which Alumni can contribute. Volunteers have the option to join a Patient Advisory Board to review study protocol design, participate on an Editorial Panel to review lay language summaries, or enroll in a Patient Clinical Trial Journey Workshop.  Alumni are also welcome to attend and/or speak at CISCRP’s events. 

Join Our Speakers Bureau
CISCRP has created an official Speakers Bureau specifically tailored to educating and informing the public on clinical research, and encouraging those connected to the research enterprise to act as advocates for study volunteers. Members of the Speakers Bureau come from skilled backgrounds in
clinical research, and commit to sharing their valuable knowledge by traveling to present at conferences and public speaking engagements.

AWARE for All Dublin

The Ambassador Program is the second part of CISCRP’s Volunteer Network. Newly tailored to industry professionals, Ambassadors are welcome to share their expertise about clinical studies. Examples of ways Ambassadors can help are: join a speaker’s bureau; present at CISCRP-hosted AWARE for All events; host booths; share CISCRP’s educational materials and resources; and serve on the organization’s event planning teams.

CISCRP also creates opportunities for the general public to get involved. Opportunities include supporting CISCRP’s upcoming events, sharing CISCRP’s PSA videos, or simply making a donation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Volunteer Network, please contact Joan Chambers.

Together, we have the power to rebuild public trust, increase public awareness and educate even more patients about clinical research.