AWARE for All- Atlanta Webinars

Taking good care of your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Watch the AWARE for All – Atlanta Webinar Series to learn about the clinical trial process and how trial work. You can also view a panel discussion to hear personal stories from patients who participated in clinical trials and why they chose to participate and listen to healthcare professionals on how they help patients participating in clinical trials.

November 16th Webinar: Clinical Trial Overview Presentation

Watch to Hear From:


Rabih Dahdouh
Overview Presenter

November 17th Webinar: Panel Discussion

Watch to Hear From:

tina berry

Tina Berry
Oncology Trial Participant and Project Manager at Northside Hospital Cancer Institute


Terp Vairin
Mental Health/Depression Trial Participant


Ashley Nealy
COVID-19 Trial Participant

Melissa Hardman

Melissa Hardman
Trial Participant, Founder & CEO of Faces of Research, LLC


Glenn Bachmann
Lymphoma Trial Participant

November 18th Webinar: Panel Discussion

Watch to Hear From:


Phyllis Kaplan
Diabetes Trial Participant, Sr. Manager of Events & Community Engagement, CISCRP


Meghan McKenzie
Principal Inclusion, Internal Partnering in Chief Diversity Office at Genentech

Untitled design (11)

Leah Szumita
 Director of the Clinical Trial Support Center for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Zach Mitchell
Director of Business Operations & Recruitment at iResearch Atlanta


Tamara Wakhisi
Medical-Surgical Research Supervisor, Oncology at Northside Hospital – Central Research Department

Yolanda in Savannah

Yolanda Little
Diverse Patient Recruitment and Retention, Novartis


Mary Slomkowski
Director, Clinical Management CNS, Otsuka

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