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Note: CISCRP is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to empowering patients and providing education on clinical trial participation. We do not provide medical advice. Search Clinical Trials utilizes only the baseline criteria requested in the search form. Please consult the study staff regarding your specific eligibility for a study, and consult your doctor regarding any course of treatment. Please do not send medical records.

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SEARCH for clinical trials using the ‘Search Now’ button located at the top of the page. 


CHOOSE a trial from the search results that suits you.


PARTICIPATE by contacting the clinical research study staff using the contact information provided.


I notice the terms you’ve used in my search differs from what I used in my initial search request. Why is that? What does that mean?

While we try to keep searches as close to your original criteria as possible, the terms you’ve used may not be something that would appear in study records or trial listings, which tend to use more formal, clinical language. The word we use may just be a different term for the condition mentioned in your search form (ie: “Hypertension” as opposed to “High blood pressure”). A search on or may have returned trials for conditions that are similar to or related to yours. If you ran a search for a symptom, rather than a health condition, you may receive trial results for conditions that display those symptoms. Do not mistake this for a diagnosis. You should always consult your doctor about your symptoms.”

What should I do with my SCT results?

Your SCT results contain the information of relevant clinical trials in your area that match your specified condition(s). If you would like to participate in one of those trials, contact that trial site using the contact information provided. 

Can I use SCT for multiple conditions?

Yes! Each request form allows you to submit a request for up to 3 conditions. If you would like to request for more, you can submit multiple request forms. 

Is it normal to apply as a healthy participant?

Yes. Nearly 20% of those using our Search Clinical Trials system are applying as healthy participants.

Other than joining a trial, how else can I help?

After completing or during your trial, you can join one of CISCRP’s editorial panels and provide feedback of your clinical trial experience. Be an Editorial Panelist

You can also be a CISCRP ambassador and help spread the word about clinical research participation and its benefits to the scientific community. Be an Ambassador



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