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How CISCRP Made Tools for Informed Decision Making

Guiding Informed Decisions It’s an all too familiar story – a patient receives a new diagnosis of a rare disorder. But now, they are told that there is a clinical

Improving Accessibility in Clinical Trials

In April 2022, FDA issued draft guidance for the clinical trials industry entitled, “Diversity Plans to Improve Enrollment of Participants From Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Populations in Clinical Trials.” Over the years,

Medical Hero Spotlight: Katie Doble & Her Caregivers: Facing Ocular Melanoma

Diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma In 2013, Katie Doble visited her ophthalmologist after experiencing vision issues in her left eye. She was immediately referred to a retina specialist who diagnosed her

Medical Hero Spotlight: Allison Kuban, Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial Participant

Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer In 2017, Allison Kuban had just returned from a week-long trip to France with her boyfriend when she started experiencing intense stomach pain, fatigue, and rapid

Medical Hero Spotlight: Amy Gietzen, Scleroderma Patient Advocate

Scleroderma Symptoms Amy Gietzen was 19 years old and in her second semester of nursing school at Trocaire College as a dietary supervisor when she started experiencing stiffness, swollen joints

Medical Hero Spotlight: Shira Kaplan-Walker, Lupus Patient Advocate

Finding a Diagnosis The night before the birth of her third child, Shira remembers feeling like something was not right. The epidural she received in the hospital didn’t relieve the

Voices from Within: Conversations on DCTs & Data Privacy

In a time when healthcare has adopted technology and data collection software at an exponential rate, it is important to educate patients and stakeholders on what that standard for patient

Medical Hero Spotlight: Sharan Khela, Crohn’s Disease Patient Advocate

Struggling with Crohn’s Disease Sharan Khela had no prior knowledge of IBD or Crohn’s when she received a Crohn’s disease diagnosis in 2002. Coming from a Punjabi, Sikh family, her

Media Awareness

For the past several years, CISCRP has implemented media campaigns throughout the year to build clinical trial awareness in the public and advocate for more diversity in clinical research participation. View articles and advertisement from the campaigns here