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Medical Hero Spotlight: Noa Greenwood, Canavan Disease Clinical Trial Participant

Canavan Disease Diagnosis Lee and Lori Greenwood welcomed their daughter Noa in August 2020. Born full-term and seemingly healthy, Noa’s first weeks of life passed without issue. However, at around

Medical Hero Spotlight: Michael Herman, Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trial Participant & Patient Advocate

Abruptly Diagnosed: Facing Multiple Myeloma In the Fall of 2012, Mike Herman and his wife Angela were taking their daily walk with their dogs through the neighborhood. When Mike dropped

Latest CISCRP Patient Survey Reveals Diversity Gaps, Yields 5 Tips For Improvement

Despite the FDA introducing a draft guidance document two years ago that outlined strategies to improve minority representation in clinical trials,4 recent studies suggest that racial and ethnic minority populations

Round-Up: Highlighting Recent Health Literacy Educational Materials

What is a placebo, Eligibility criteria, and How to find a clinical trial  CISCRP is dedicated to providing educational resources and empowering people through all steps of clinical research participation.

Community Trust: The Foundation for Fostering Diversity in Clinical Trials

Featured Article in our October 2023 Patient Diversity Campaign As an industry, we must recognize and address a complex problem: racial and ethnic minority populations have historically been underrepresented in

A “Day in the Life” of a Medical Writer at CISCRP

It is Monday morning at the CISCRP office, and I open my computer a few minutes before 9 AM and prepare myself for a new week. I normally work from

Plain Language Protocol Synopsis 101

What is a Plain Language Protocol Synopsis (PLPS)? A clinical study protocol (CSP) is a comprehensive document that outlines important aspects of a clinical trial including the goals of a

CISCRP’s Finding Treatments Together Brochure for LGBTQ+ Communities

Our Approach to Codeveloping an Educational Resource for the LGBTQ+ Community When creating a brochure for diverse populations of people it’s important to consider an expansive definition of diversity that

Media Awareness

For the past several years, CISCRP has implemented media campaigns throughout the year to build clinical trial awareness in the public and advocate for more diversity in clinical research participation. View articles and advertisement from the campaigns here