Building Patient-Centric Trials, Putting the Patient First

Archive – This webinar was presented by CISCRP on July 17, 2019.

CISCRP and the Medical Research Network (MRN) are collaborating to host an upcoming webinar, “Building Patient-Centric Trials, Putting the Patient First,” to share important information about the clinical trial process and ways to improve the trial participant experience.

Attendees will hear presentations from expert speakers Annick Anderson, Director of Research Services at CISCRP and Helena Baker, Vice President of Clinical Strategy at MRN. Annick Anderson’s presentation will include data and key takeaways from CISCRP’s Perceptions and Insights study, highlighting patient feedback and reflecting on participant needs in the clinical trial process. Helena Baker will explore patient-centric trial design and solutions available to clinical trial sites to increase efficiencies and ease the patient burden.

The agenda will include:
5-minute Introduction
20-minute Presentation by Annick Anderson
20-minute Presentation by Helena Baker
15-minutes Q&A session (if necessary)

Annick Anderson
Director of Research Services at CISCRP

As the Director of Research Services at CISCRP, Annick Anderson manages the design, implementation, analysis and reporting of a variety of CISCRP research studies. She has more than 15 years of experience conducting primary and secondary research studies in the healthcare, life sciences and consumer goods industries. Prior to CISCRP, she worked at Colgate-Palmolive as a research manager. Annick holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Management at Boston University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Bryant University.

Helena Baker
Vice President of Clinical Strategy at MRN

Helena Baker is the Vice President of Clinical Strategy at Medical Research Network. She has over 34 years’ experience in nursing and healthcare. She previously worked at Healthcare at Home, the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd and St Bartholomew’s Hospital as well as acting as a healthcare analyst to the pharmaceutical industry. Helena has experience in setting up and running nursing services, working internationally across healthcare sectors and owning and running her own business.

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