CISCRP’s Newly Launched Educational Brochure Initiative

Written by: Makenzie Michel |

At CISCRP’s Health Communications Services team, we develop educational materials to engage and empower patients and the public, including communities that are typically underrepresented in clinical trials. As an independent, non-profit organization, our unbiased deliverables are non-promotional. We offer many of these materials (which can be found in our online Education Center) free of charge to the public and patients.

Our materials are written in easy-to-understand language—sometimes referred to as “lay” or “plain” language—to ensure that we are communicating complex issues in simple terms. We also write our content to be engaging and culturally appropriate, and to address the key concerns of the audiences we hope to reach. Using strategic graphic design, we reinforce key messages through careful use of layout, colors, icons, images, charts, and other graphics.

Since being founded in 2003, we have developed brochures and other materials about the critical role of clinical research and trial participants in public health. One of our long-standing goals has been to reach communities that have been underrepresented in clinical trials. During our brochure reevaluation this year, we have collaborated with key stakeholders and community members to get significant input from these people we hope to reach. With the increased awareness and greater emphasis on social and health equity, we are focusing on connecting with underrepresented communities to make sure we appropriately address the concerns and barriers they face.

We are continuously partnering with medical writers, subject matter experts, and community members. We believe that this method of co-development will allow for the most educational and highest quality content. An editorial panel of patients, public, and professional representatives reviews each deliverable and provides their feedback before we finalize any publication. Additionally, we utilize Feedback Forums to acquire more detailed information about certain topics. In these forums, we speak directly with members of the communities we hope to reach and/or those who have expertise in communicating and working with those communities. They help to ensure the materials are effective, easy-to-understand, unbiased, and culturally appropriate. As always, all CISCRP educational materials are reviewed and approved by an IRB (Institutional Review Board), and are available in multiple languages.

Research professionals, sponsors, and other members of the clinical research community are able to license and co-brand these updated materials. Our brochures can be used by research centers, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health care professionals, and advocacy groups to provide education about clinical research and clinical trial participation.

Keep an eye out for upcoming newly launched educational brochures!  

Visit CISCRP’s Education Center for more information about the newest brochures, to learn about the topics we are working on, and to share ideas that help close other gaps in clinical research.

As we continue to update our portfolio of educational materials, please reach out to Joan Chambers at to discuss purchasing and licensing opportunities. You can also visit CISCRP’s online store to purchase these deliverables.


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