CISCRP’s Patient Advisory Board Collaboration with TransCelerate

By Rachel Minnick

For several years, CISCRP has been organizing and facilitating Patient Advisory Boards to solicit patient feedback on a wide range of areas including protocol design feasibility; clinical trial medicine kits; new technologies and services supporting the participation process; and patient recruitment and retention communications.

As an independent non-profit organization, CISCRP is uniquely positioned to assist companies in organizing and running their Patient Advisory Boards. CISCRP’s extensive relationships with patient advocacy groups, patient communities, and former study volunteers play a key role in ensuring ideal board composition and in facilitating rich, valuable and substantive discussion.

CISCRP’s research services team is currently organizing and conducting several Patient Advisory Boards in collaboration with TransCelerate Biopharma Inc. to gather patient feedback on several of TransCelerate’s key patient engagement initiatives. Through this collaboration, CISCRP has created three distinct Patient Advisory Boards among international patients to gather feedback and suggestions on improving clinical research awareness & access, eLabels and eConsent. The perceptions gained from these patient panels combined with the results of a global patient survey will inform recommendations for new approaches and best practices.

The members of TransCelerate – all leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies — are supporting a variety of initiatives to simplify and accelerate the research and development of innovative therapies (for more information on TransCelerate– click here). CISCRP is honored to be collaborating with TransCelerate on this important initiative.

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